1. When you are trying to sleep but mosquitoes are using your body as a midnight snack

2. When you wake up and you are drenched in sweat because you had to sleep in heat.

3. Then you go to take a shower and water isn’t coming out of your tap.

4. Meanwhile you have gotten more letters talking about an increase in taxes and estate fines.

5. Then you have to face hours of traffic to get to the office.

6. When you get to the office and your boss is not around, you’re like:

7. Then he strolls in an hour to closing and gives you 4 hours of work.

8. And casually ignores the fact he is owing you 2 month’s salary.

9. Then your dad’s cousin calls you to ask you why you have not yet married.

10. And your friend that hasn’t paid back one loan is asking you very rudely for another one.

11. When you get home you realise a power surge has spoiled almost all your electrical appliances.

12. Which means you were sold a fake stabiliser.

13. Now all the food in your fridge and freezer are spoilt.

14. Only for your landlord to call compound meeting that he is increasing rent with immediate effect.

15. Then one of your cousins has arrived unexpectedly from the village and expects to stay with you.

16. You put on the news and government officials don’t have anything encouraging or sensible to say

17. And now NEPA has taken light so you start the cycle all over again.



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