1. The Yahoo boy starter pack:

The faker the better.

2. When you see a well known yahoo boy going out to pay tithe.

Well, this is awkward.

3. How you have their numbers saved on your phone:

Always changing numbers up and down.

4. When you see a yahoo boy talking about “hard earned money”.

See this one.

5. Yahoo boys, when they pretend to be women online.

The hustle.

6. When you’re popping your humble champagne and one yahoo boy comes to shut the club down.

See my life.

7. The official yahoo boy baptism:

Go forth and scam.

8. Yahoo boys and Range Rovers.

A match made in heaven.

9. When they always have “money” somewhere in their nickname.

All of them.

10. When you ask them what they do for a living.

“Ehm. The thing is…”

11. Yahoo boys, when they see an EFCC bus.

Hay God!

12. When Nigerians are complaining about the exchange rate, yahoo boys be like:

Turn up!

13. When they start getting lazy.

No time.

14. Whenever a yahoo boy says “God bless my hustle.”

Na so.



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