1. When you’re bored or upset and you know your housemates will cheer you up.

Can’t wait to get home!

2. When you get home and just want rest but your housemates are making noise.

Is this a beer parlour?

3. When one of your housemates is fighting with their boyfriend/girlfriend and expects you to be the referee.

When you people were in love did you call me?

4. When there is no food at home and then your housemate’s mother sends food.

Look at God

5. When you leave food in the fridge and come back to meet nothing.

That’s what happens when you live with people that don’t have boundaries.

6. When you and your housemate support rival football teams, on game day you’re like:

World War Three in the house!

7. When your housemate is cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend and want s to involve you in their web of lies.

Is this not how people die?

8. When all the bills come to meet you and your housemates, you guys are like:

Is this life?

9. When your housemate hasn’t paid their share of the rent and is busy living lavish.

Is this one a lunatic?

10. When your housemate has a “guest” that has been staying in the house for over one month.

Please since when did the house become a hotel?

11. When you and your housemates are fighting and someone else wants to settle the matter.

Did we ask you?

12. When someone is fighting your housemate and starts abusing you as well.

Is that how we are doing it?


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