Dami Olonisakin (aka Oloni) is an award-winning sex and relationship blogger.

The ‘Ask Oloni‘ segment on her blog is especially awesome, but some questions that get sent in are pretty ridiculous.

So, trust Nigerian Twitter to brilliantly parody it.

Here are 14 fake questions that are just a bit more ridiculous than the actual questions she gets:

1. This tweeter that was de-wigged.

2. This tweeter that wants to cheat.

3. This tweeter’s uncomplicated request.

4. This tweeter’s valid point.

5. This tweeter that is looking for her next move.

Dear Oloni/Joro

The last time my man slapped me I ran mad for 3 days. I’m back to my senses now. He loves me. What should I do? -__- — Abike (@Jollz) March 9, 2016

6. This tweeter that wants to keep it real for her Instagram fans.

7. This tweeter’s cheating worries.

“Hi Oloni, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years but recently he’s been secretive. I think he’s cheating on me, should I tell his wife?”

— Storm (@ShakiraWrites) February 25, 2016

8. This tweeter asking all the right questions.

9. This tweeter that just wants to be with the love of her life.

10. This tweeter that wants to give her man the benefit of the doubt.

11. This tweeter looking for workout advice.

12. This tweeter that is ‘looking’ on the bright side.

13. This tweeter’s honest question.

14. This tweeter speaking the truth.

All jokes aside though, go check out her fantastic blog right here.



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