1. When that camera around their neck is all they need to steal all the attention from you.

It can pain.

2. Your face, when you find out they just took an off-guard picture of you.

Please respect yourself.

3. When you’re walking with them one second and the next second they’re taking a picture of the sun.

Is it not the same sun you saw yesterday?

4. When they start hitting you with all those technical terms.

What are you saying?

5. When you guys are taking pictures in public and you see agberos coming.


6. You, the first time they asked you to model for them.

I knew I had it in me.

7. When they wake you up to take pictures because they like the way the moon looks.

What is it?

8. When you see them putting their phone outside danfo to take a picture.

Behave yourself.

9. When they make you do embarrassing poses as per concept.


10. When they get you a ticket for one of all the fancy exhibitions they attend.


11. You, waiting for them to finish editing so you can finally hang out.

Finish na.

12. When their models are flirting with them and ignoring you while you’re there carrying lights.

See my life.

13. When they keep telling you about all the expensive lenses they want to buy.

Didn’t you just buy one last week?

14. When they start doing the most to get that mad shot.

My Guy! Co-written by Zikoko Contributor, Obeyaa Atta and @De0lu


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