1. So you’ve been doing the nasty together for a while.

So much fun, right!

2. And the other night was pretty amazing.

Really good.

3. When you see her coming over, but she’s not smiling.

Is she breaking up with me?

4. Then says the dreaded words “We need to talk”.

What have I done?

5. You try to remember every bad thing you’ve done since you last saw her.

Oh God!

She takes her time to get to the point. But when she does…

6. Then she drops the news.




8. Then the thoughts start to pour in:

“Where did you keep it?”
You try to remember if you used protection.
“Oh God, why am I so fertile…?”
“Will she do abortion?…probably not.”
You trying to calculate the price of pampers:
And how much you’ll spend to raise a child.
“Hay God! My mother will murder me.”
“Why did I even have sex?”

9. Then you start to think of your options.

“Can I run away?”

10. You think to yourself, “Maybe I will make a good father.”

Then you’re realistic again. You haven’t even finished taking care of yourself.

11. When you finally accept what is coming.

“You will be a good father to your child.”

12. Then she calls you to apologize. Her period just came.

You want to kill me?!


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