By popular demand, we have put together a female version of the Zikoko name dictionary. Also If you’re very sensitive, please see here for posts that you should be reading. Definitely not this one.

1. The Ada

Ever faithful Good girl Values her man and her family’s opinions

2. The Damilola

She’s not interested in ‘growing’ with you – better come correct Instagram celebrity She doesn’t care

3. The Ejiro

Dating you but definitely marrying another Expects you to take care of her Allowances are part of the relationship

4. The Bolu

Very misunderstood Been heartbroken too many times Stronger than you know

5. The Tolu

Once was a good girl Very attracted to Yoruba demons Complete and utter flirt

6. The Chisom

She’s coming on  a date with 4 other friends No emotions Serial dater

7. The Titi

Laid edges Not interested in learning how to cook for you Daddy’s girl

8. The Seun

Brazilian hair, lashes etc. Expects gifts Very needy

9. The Chioma

Very hardworking Every man’s dream wife Often lightskinned

10. The Seyi

Party girl She loves guys with beards Goes best with an “Ayo”

11. The Halima

Savage Every boy wants her – your boyfriend too Will exploit all your weaknesses

12. The Wura

Kind and very intellectual All about the melanin Natural hair matters

13. The Tobi

Peng petite babe She and her squad are goals Likes lightskinned men

14. The Nara

Mistress of Curving 150 unread messages – your own is among Everyone has a crush on her

15. The Adeola

All talk no action Will always hold her man down Feminist

16. The Ifeoma

Ready to get married Great sense of humor If you’re not ready for marriage, she’ll leave you

17. The Rukiya

Looking for oil or politics money Great sense of humor Serial cheat

18. The Tosin

Two-man type of girl She treats every boy like they’re special Breaks hearts for fun

19. The Olamide

Genuinely nice girl Great listener Gets dumped a lot

20. The Ngozi

Very blunt Feminist Usually an IJGB

21. The Zainab

She likes your best friend too Compulsive liar Very very vain

22. The Tola

She loves relationships Never single Always has a plan B

23. The Maryam

Shady AF Sarcastic tendencies Very dramatic

24. The Bimbo

Usually short Very generous but really mean Potential wife material

25. The Onyinye

Always beautiful, sometimes brilliant Can be found in an Igbo musician’s video Loves intelligent men, but may still give you a chance


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