1. The common entrance book of life:

Ugo C. Ugo for the win.

2. When your school forces everyone to do mock exams to prepare.

Don’t add to my stress.

3. When your parents force you to attend one local common entrance lesson:

What is all this?

4. When you ask your parents for a new math set and they start asking you JAMB questions.

“What about the one we bought for you 4 years ago?”

5. How you look at Primary 4 students that want to follow you and do common entrance too:

Wait your turn biko.

6. You, jacking the Friday before your common entrance like:

Secondary school is my portion.

7. How you see the maths and quantitative common entrance questions:

Wetin be dis?

8. You, waking up on the Saturday of common entrance like:

The day has arrived.

9. You, looking for your friends when you get to your common entrance centre:

Where are my people?

10. How you stroll into your centre with 12 extra pencils and 10 biros:

My body is ready.

11. When you see them repeat questions you crammed in your Ugo C. Ugo.


12. You, when the invigilator starts dictating answers for some of the students.

Ah! Is it like that?

13. You, waiting for your parents to come and pick you from the centre when it’s over:

I want to go oh.

14. When your result finally comes out and you passed the cut-off mark.


15. Your face, when you remember you still have interviews to do:

Hay God! It’s not over.


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