1. When your boyfriend calls you while you are with the love of your life.

2. When you make what you think will be a silent fart and it’s loud and stinking.

3. When you tell someone you love them and their reply is “stop joking” followed by laughter.

4. When you walk into a glass door because you assume it’s automatic.

5. When you fall down the stairs after forming bad guy in a public place.

6. When your atm card doesn’t work after they’ve packed all your shopping.

7. When you are trying to blow grammar and your inner village girl comes out to disgrace you.

8. When your wig falls off your head while you’re dancing with your crush.

9. When you wave at someone across the room, but they don’t see you so you look like a lunatic.

10. When you say someone is your boyfriend only to find out he is married.


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