1. When you slide into the DMs of a girl you really like.


2. When someone starts using not-so-coded tweets to say they like you… but you’ve only been on one date.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to read.

3. ​How she messages you when you are still in the dating phase.

“Before somebody will come and break my head.”

4. When you’re asking one girl out but there’s another girl uploading a pictures of you and her.

Because you can eat gala while beans is on fire.

5. When you guys finally claim each other on social media.

So cute.

6. Two minutes after you claim your girlfriend on social media and she gets a message saying “I come to you as a fellow woman…”

Wait small now.

7. How girls enter your DMs now that they know you are taken.

One after the other please. No need to rush.

8. When people want to start tweeting at your new bae to spill details of your past relationships.

Ahan! Must you talk?!

9. When your girlfriend is on social media…stalking your every move.

If she catches me.

10. How her friends comment on your post when another woman says she misses you.

Hmm. Edible catering!

11. When you do something wrong and you’re still together but she puts up this picture:


12. When your girl puts up another guy as her WCW.

I kent unsten.

13. When she likes another guy’s picture.

It didn’t mean anything…

14. When your girlfriend posts subliminal tweets when you guys are in a fight.

Someone cannot even offend again?

15. How you start to slide into someone’s DMs but you realize that she knows your girlfriend.


16. How you handle all the enemies of progress that want to expose you to bae.

How to get away with…


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