1. You, going to the ATM to withdraw your last 1k.

God help me.

2. You, calculating how you’ll use the money to survive till salary enters.

Garri, garri, and garri.

3. When you reach the queue and ask the necessary question:

“Amatyour back, please.”

4. When you try to use faith to withdraw N1,500 instead and you see “insufficient funds”.

Hay God!

5. You respect yourself and just jejely choose the 1k that brought you there.

Let me not shame my ancestors.

6. When you’re waiting to hear the “krrrrrr” sound and the ATM resets.


7. You, begging the ATM to respect itself:

Just don’t.

8. When the ATM that just swallowed your card is still asking you to “insert card”.

See me see trouble.

9. How the people behind you on the queue look at you:

E pele oh!

10. When the branch has closed and you remember it’s Friday.

Who did I offend?

11. When you call customer care and they start asking you if you are sure.

See question sha.

12. When you go back to retrieve your card and they tell you it takes 7 working days.

That what happened?

13. When you hear you’ll have to pay to get a new card.

Is it that 1k I want to use to drink garri?


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