1. When you need to get somewhere by 8 am and the driver strolls in at 7:45.

Welcome oh! Oga super!

2. When you are running errands and he decides you are taking too long and goes off on his own.

Na wa oh!

3. When you try to change the radio station, he looks at you like:

Try it first!

4. When he decides he wants to go and eat but you need to get somewhere urgently, he’s like:

Nothing for you oh!

5. When the only person he listens to is your dad and you try to give him instructions.

Can you imagine?

6. When you see his facebook and he has used all the family cars to do photoshoot.

Ahn ahn!

7. When his girlfriends come looking for him and ask for “Oga Cletus”.

Oga? From where to where?

8. When you interrupt him while he’s toasting the maid.

“What do you want now?”

9. When he’s in a bad mood and you greet him.

See me see trouble!

10. When you finally learn to drive and no longer need him, you’re like!

Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner!


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