1. You will see the rain clouds gathering as you’re about leaving your house but you will ignore it.

You will tell yourself that you’ll get to the office before it starts. You won’t even carry umbrella.

2. Strong winds will start and one part of you will be like

Hian! Na judgement day be this?

3. It will start raining violently.

Hay God!

4. Problem is, you’re too far from your house to run back so you’ll find one small shade to hide under.

I will just wait it out.

5. But the shade you’re under doesn’t have sides and because of the strong winds, the rain is falling in a zigzag manner. You’re already getting wet.


6. You look around and scout for a better shade but everywhere is full.

You’re screwed.

7. After a full hour of rain drops hitting you like bullets, the rain will stop and you will continue your journey to work.

Looking like you just went swimming with your clothes.

8. There will be no bus.

Nobody knows where all the buses go when it rains.

9. The one bus you will see will triple the normal t-fare because they’re the only ones there.


10. You don’t have a choice so you’ll pay and quietly curse the driver and conductor.

“Doing things like this is why you won’t enter heaven.”

11. As you get down from the bus, someone will pass in a car and splash water on you from a puddle.

What kind of life is this? Is it because I don’t have car?

12. You will get to the office and your asshole boss will ask you why you’re late.

Is this one mad? Did he not see all that rain?

13. You will explain to him but he will tell you that rain is no excuse.

This boss has a company car and driver oh.

14. You will have to sit at your desk in your wet clothes until they dry on your body which will result in cold and catarrh.

God. What did I do to deserve this?

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