1. When you realise it’s almost the end of term.

2. Then you remember you have exams!

3. And student assessments…

4. Now you remember all the times you played instead of listening in class.

5. And how you spent the whole term looking for all your teachers’ trouble.

6. You and your gang of troublemakers are like:

7. Now you have 2 weeks to cram all the notes for all your subjects before you end up disgraced.

8. Meanwhile all the efikos in school are like:

9. And you are following them around and begging them to help you like:

10. Now the school also wants to start doing end of term shows and concerts.

11. And they want you to get involved as if you are not going through personal things.

12. The closer to the end of term, the more desperate you are.

13. Then end of term comes and you almost die of stress and fear but you survived.

14. Then it dawns on you that because of stress, you’e forgotten the most important thing about the end of term; HOLIDAYS!

15. And now you’re like:


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