You travelled for business? Pleasure? It doesn’t quite matter which. All that matters is that you temporarily escaped the mad house of your beloved Nigeria.  Temporarily. And now, it is finally time to go back. Long sigh.  We know exactly how you feel. Because every time you’ve had to go back, you are like:

1. Kai, it’s time to go already?

Abroad, I’m gonna miss you.

2. You are already thinking about your next trip.

3. Then you spy all those Nigerians at the boarding gate…

Supporters club of life and destiny.

4. And you’re real happy to hear folk speaking a familiar language.

Doesn’t matter if you are Yoruba and they are speaking Tiv, Naija knows Naija.

5. Until the familiar Nigerian energy starts making you tired inside.

Nigerian reiatsu is on permanent Bankai.

6. And when one of them inevitably begins to mix it up with the flight officials, you are like..

7. Because, right now…

8. But when you run into the Nigerian celebrity who’s traveling back on the same flight as you, you remember your roots once more.

No one is above famzing.

9. That time when the plane touched down in Lagos, and everyone clapped for the pilot.

Jesus took the wheel.

10. When your luggage that is filled with abroad shopping appears not to be coming onto the conveyor belt in baggage claim.

Blood of Jesus!

11. Praying in tongues so the customs people don’t check your bags and discover all the shopping you brought back from Dubai.

Tax is not my portion, IJN!

12. You are frantically looking for Naira to settle the airport lackeys, but you mistakenly pull out hard currency.

Choi! Na you mess up.

13. When someone asks you how you are leaving the airport so they can hitch a ride.

Look at my passport very well, I am Nigerian, not a Samaritan.

14. When your relatives and friends who came to pick you up are asking “what did you bring for us?”

My friend, better enter duty free and buy KitKat, now now.

15. When you step out of departures and are greeted by that blast of hot, humid air.

Welcome back to Nigeria. Driver, please turn the air conditioning all the waaaay up.


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