The Top 10 Places Lagos People Visit…A Lot

August 3, 2016
This information came from Uber’s analysis of over 1 million rides taken since they launched in Lagos, and as their data sample obviously does not account for where people who ride the BRTs and Danfos go, this list is probably incomplete.

1. The Palms Shopping Mall

If you have money to shop here, you can ride in Ubers. Kontinu.

2. Ikeja City Mall

A lot like The Palms, but for mainland people.

3. Adrenaline Sports Bar at The Four Points Sheraton

And we’re right back to the Island…

4. The Soul Lounge Lagos

Island vs Mainland: 2-1.

5. Eko Hotel And Suites

Basically where all the Lagos bigz men and bigz women hang out, for business and pleasure.

6. Radisson Blu Anchorage

Lagosians who know what’s up know this is really here because of Hans and Rene gelato, but it’s okay.

7. Lagos Oriental Hotel

Another conference den.

8. The Place Nightclub

Isn’t this the place where one human was pouring alcohol over another human’s head? Seen.

9. Lafayette Mall

For those who weren’t keeping score, it’s now – Island vs Mainland: 7-2. Hian.

10. Dream Plaza

Another one for the Island? We demand a rematch. Or at least an explanation about why the Muritala Mohammed Airport is not on this list.

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