1. The lowkey alcoholic.

“It’s not vodka I’m drinking, its water”

2. The highkey alcoholic.

“Whether you know I’m drinking is for your pocket”

3. The office snitch.

“Whatever you’re doing, Oga must know”

4. The joker.

Can find something to joke about at 8am on Monday morning.

5. The one that always eats smelly food at his desk.

The whole office smells like egusi and fish because of him.

6. Oga/Aunty Turnup

Always trying to turn the office into a club. Says TGIF more than he says hello.

7. The person that’s always absent

You’ve only seen them once this year and it’s November.

8. The office DJ

“I know we have work, but you gats feel this heavy gbedu first.”

9. The office driver.

Drops the entire office on his way home.


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