A Twitter account run by a British man, The Royal Butler, dedicated to teaching people etiquette was recently discovered by Nigerians. And as expected, they trolled the hell out of the poor, proper British man. These 9 responses to his tweets show that poshness and propriety are too stressful for Nigerians:

1. Men are supposed to sit straight with their legs crossed…

Please, how can someone sit down properly after wasting away in traffic for 4 hours?

2. It’s not proper to order more than the person that invites you to eat.

But some Nigerian girls will bring all their friends to come and eat awoof food.

3. The proper time for breakfast is between 8am-10am.

Who having proper breakfast between 8-10 am epp? When someone is already in the staff bus at 5:30 am.

4. The Ajebo way of greeting people is by asking “How do you do?”.

How can you ask Nigerians to ask “How do you do?”, when you can just say “Guy, how far?”

5. Eating with forks, knives and spoons is the proper thing to do.

Eating properly with knife, fork and napkin is too much stress abeg. Did your hands and stainless steel spoon break?

6. Dunking biscuit in tea is not cool.

We know dunking biscuit in tea is not posh. But dunking soft Agege bread in your thick cup of Milo is the bomb, argue with your dead palate please.

7. It is only proper to arrive no more than 15 minutes late to an event.

But who all that epp, when you can just arrive in time for small chops and Jollof.

8. Using phones during meals is not proper.

We know picking calls during dinner is rude oh, but what if Baba God is calling somebody’s phone at dinner?

9. Men should rise when a woman steps into the room.

But Nigerian men will just send you into the kitchen.



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