1. It takes you a good 45 minutes to get out of bed.

You’re considering if you should just call oga and say you’re sick.

2. Your face when you remember you have work/school tomorrow morning.

Your entire face will just spoil like yesterdays fish.

3. How you look at everyone all morning.

As you’re seeing them, you’re just getting headache.

4. You’ve broken your alarm clock 3 times this year.

When it wants to give you a heart attack.

5. You’ve started falling asleep at work.

Desk o, bed o, e no matter. Sleep na sleep.

6. You don’t have time for makeup, just sleep.

They should be happy you even tried to put on the makeup.

7. When you remember you can sleep in the next day, you shed tears of joy.

You can’t understand that sort of blessing.


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