1. Oga ‘Need for Speed’.

Thinks everything is a race. Oga cahm dahn, it’s just Ikorodu road.

2. The ‘Tortoise’.

Pray you don’t get trapped behind them in traffic. They can spend 3 hours on Ikorodu road.

3. The ‘Convoy King’.

Everyone must know when he’s in town. Oga, we hail o… na only you get road.

4. The ‘Road Rager’.

Aunty sorry, I just wanted to cut in front of you. No need to call my grandfather a bastard na.

5. The ‘Snapchat/Texter’.

Will take 5 selfies while speeding. AUNTY LOOK ROAD!… You wan kee person?!

6. The ‘Learner’.

Dont go near them, if they jam you no one will be on your side. Because “na learner”.

7. The ‘DJ’

Plays loud music with his windows down.  Once he’s jamming Wizkid, we’re all jamming Wizkid.

8. The ‘Rich Kid’.

BENZINO BABA… G-wagzzz… CBN!! We respect your government.


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