1. The hairdressers that made you put your head in between their legs

Aunty but why?

2. You won’t now be able to watch the TV behind you

Just let me know it’s punishment I came to serve here.

3. The ones that always push your head up and down

They told you I’m a statue abi?

4. When your hairdresser keeps complaining you’re giving her the wrong size of attachment

You will still make the hair sha!

5. Whenever they call ugly hairstyles in school

Who even invented that Koroba style?

6. When your friend’s base is longer than your own

This thing used to pain!!

7. When older people come in to do their hair and beg you to allow them go first

It’s okay, I just came here to play of course.

8. When the relaxer is burning your hair, but your hairdresser’s face is too strong to ask her to wash it off

‘I’m not crying, I’m just happy to be here’


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