There were some good things about being a teacher’s pet:

1. You’re always the default person to write the names of noisemakers.

2. You always know what everyone scored in the class test or exam.

Because you were the one that recorded it for the teacher.

3. Seniors are always afraid to punish you for fear of incurring the teacher’s wrath.

So you walk around like there is boil in your armpit as per “The Untouchable”.

4. You’re always exempt from general class punishments.

Because your teacher will be like, “I’m sure you were not part of them”.

5. Even if all your classmates are shouting:

And you were even the leader sef.

6. So because of that, your classmates almost always end up hating you.

7. You can’t make any mistake because your punishment is always twice as severe.

8. And you’re always the first to get called to answer a question.

It’s not the teacher’s fault, it’s just that it’s only your name they can remember.

If you used to be a teacher’s pet do like this:

Let us know how many people we’re going to stop talking to now.

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