Remember how we told you we couldn’t wait for Disney’s Queen of Katwe to drop?  We finally saw it, and boy oh boy was it amazing! It tells the real-life story of a 9-year-old Ugandan girl’s rise to World Chess fame. Here are all the reasons you need to go see it today!

1. It is not a white savior story *Halleluyah Somebody!*

We’re all tired of the white-man-saves-black-people-and-we-will-now-turn-him-to-Jesus storyline. This is a refreshing, purely African story.

2. Lupita Nyong’o was absolutely popping!

She played Harriet, the main character’s mother. Her performance as a proper African mother was riveting!

3. The portrayal of poverty was absolutely uncoated.

You’ve never seen poverty like this before! It was humbling.

4. You get to listen to Nigerian songs in a Disney movie!

It just makes you feel good when Psquare comes on, but to listen to it in a Disney movie? Felt great!

5. David Oyelowo’s performance as ‘Robert Katende’ was simply BRILLIANT.

He never disappoints. He gave us ‘Selma’ on a more personal level.

6. Phiona’s character is a bundle of inspiration, power, smartness and good dance moves.

Portrayed by Madina Nalwanga, Phiona Mutesi is a real life chess legend. A poor, uneducated girl; her story will inspire you.

7. You’ll really, really like the kids in this movie.

The supporting characters were just too funny! The smart kids will make you LOL over and over!

8. If you’re seeing it with someone, it’ll get the conversation going!

You know when you’re out with a guy (or girl), and they have absolutely nothing to say? Urgh the worst! This movie will so  take you from funny moments, to near death experiences, that your partner will have no option but to say something!

Here’s the trailer. You’re welcome.



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