1. When someone trips and falls (even if it’s an old person), your first reaction is this


2. When somebody tells you that they’re sick and instead of saying sorry, your reaction is this

“Is it contagious? I don’t want to catch whatever you have abeg”

3. If you find out that someone got injured while doing something reckless (like backflips or trying to replicate Beyonce’s choreography from the 2016 Super Bowl Half-Time show), the first thing you’ll say is


4. If you’re at a supermarket and you see a short person trying (and failing) to reach something on a high shelf, before you offer to help, you’ll be like

“Let me help you with….” *blows catarrh in a futile attempt to stifle laughter*

5. If you’re going out with a friend and you notice a hole in their clothes, you won’t say anything until you get to your destination.

Because tragedy is the foundation of all comedy.

6. When someone tells you that something terrible happened to them, the first words out of your mouth are

Because all you care about is YOU. Other people don’t matter.

7. When your friend that has terrible eyesight can’t find his glasses and is searching for it frantically because he can’t see shit without it and you’re just like

“This nigga can’t see! LOL”

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