Celebrities. Sometimes you look at them and it seems like they’re heavenly beings but that’s not true. They’e just like us. They mess up and embarrass themselves just like everybody else. To prove this, here is a list of 5 times Nigerian celebrities messed up on social media.

1. That time Oge Okoye stole dogs from Instagram and did naming ceremony for them.

We all remember this. Oge Okoye stole a picture of American reality show star, Kenya Moore’s dogs and claimed them as hers. She even gave them different names! A Kenya Moore fan page on Instagram discovered Oge Okoye’s lie and exposed her to the world (i.e Nigeria) and in the process, referred to her as “some lady in Africa”. Nigerians went on social media and mercilessly dragged Oge Okoye by her weave and even started the #OgeOkoyeChallenge where people posted pictures of stuff that was obviously not theirs and then claimed to own it. One question remains on the minds of Nigerians tho, Just how many times has Oge Okoye done stuff like this in the past?

2. That time Tuface lied about collaborating with R.Kelly

The year was 2009. Tuface Idibia had just released the “Unstoppable” album. Tuface announced that he had a song coming out that he had done with American R&B superstar, R.Kelly and Nigeria collectively freaked out. We couldn’t wait for the song to drop. When it finally did, people were disappointed  because something about the song was off. The beat used in the song had already been used in an old R.Kelly song and this made people question its authenticity. A few months after this, R.Kelly came to Nigeria for the ThisDay music festival and inside sources revealed that R.Kelly claimed to have never heard of Tuface before and laughed at the song they had supposedly recorded together. The inside sources also revealed that R.Kelly said to have made that beat a long time ago and Tuface probably found it somewhere on the internet. Tuface’s manager insisted that the song was legit and that R.Kelly recorded his part and sent it in. A classic case of lying to cover up more lies. Tuface and R.Kelly (with a bunch of other African artists) eventually recorded a song together named “Hands Across The World” so I guess you could say this was a case of Tuface predicting the future. LOL

3. That time Skiibii faked his death as a publicity stunt

There is a high chance that you don’t know who Skiibii is. Let us tell you why. Skiibii (whose name sounds like an STD) is a Five Star Music music artiste that debuted in 2015 and in an attempt to quickly raise his popularity levels, decided it would be a good idea to fake his death and eventual resurrection in what eventually became known as the worst publicity stunt in Nigerian entertainment history. Five Star Music lied about him dying (releasing the picture above), lied about him ‘defeating death’ and then when Nigerians figured out that the whole thing was a hoax, they released obviously staged hospital pictures. Nigerians can’t be deceived tho so they dragged Skiibii and the entire record label on social media. The funny thing about this is that after the whole thing,  Skiibii still did not blow. LOL!

4. That time Lizzy Anjorin destroyed us with her English

It was supposed to be a cute video of her playing with her dogs. Things went wrong when one dog (named ‘Pretty’) got pissed at the other dog (named ‘Terror’) for some reason and began to attack him. Lizzy decided to step in and separate the fight and in the process screamed, “Pretty stop it! Stop JEALOUS!” when she should’ve said, “Stop being jealous”. Nigerians had a field day with this one on social media.

5. That time Denrele fell off the stage while dancing

In 2015, the manic TV presenter that we know and love, Denrele Edun, was dancing violently on stage at an event in Port Harcourt when he tripped on his trademark insanely long braids and fell off the stage. It was freaking hilarious. It was funny until we found out that the accident resulted in him breaking his neck. That made it funnier. I swear we are not terrible people.

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