If you are on WhatsApp, you most likely would have found yourself in or are even presently in one or three or more groups.

And if you’ve been in a WhatsApp group, you’re sure to find these five kinds of people:

1. The BroadCasters

They just love to send broadcast messages anyhow. They could have a future in mass communication if they wanted. From videos to images to lengthy posts that require endless re-posting for their potency, these ones will not hesitate to send it all.

2. The Opinion-Seekers

They will bring a topic to the group so that everyone can fight. They’ll add occasional words to keep the discussion alive and then sit back and watch people argue.

3. The Information-Seekers

These ones always get lost and need reminding on whatever information had been passed across in the group.

4. The Questionnaires

These ones bring all their questions, worries and concerns to the group chat because their Google subscription has expired and the next option is to ask the WhatsApp group.

5. The Participant-Observer

These ones don’t like to talk too much. They’ll just come and go like ghost in a Nollywood film.


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