1. You’ll never get to make your kids sit by the radio to listen for when your favourite programme is about to start.

Or tune the radio until you get a frequency that works. Not when you can play the radio on your phone and carry that phone around with you.

2. You’ll never get to put your kids in charge of washing the globe, changing the wick and filling this lantern with kerosene:

Not when there are rechargeable lamps, solar-powered lamps, inverter, generator…sigh

3. You’ll also never get to make them wash this stove every Saturday morning:

From inside to outside till it shines like your teeth.

4. You’ll never get to send them to change the television channel:

Not when there are now remote controls. Although, you could always send them to get the remote but it’s really not the same thing.

5. You’ll never get to make them tell the person calling that you’re not in.

Not when anybody trying to reach you can just call you directly.

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