1. This book that teaches you how to make a little extra money on the side.

You can never have too much money.

2. This book that is present in the official “How to be a Nigerian parent” starter pack.

You know this is true.

3. This book your child will relate to if he/she will eventually grow up to be a delinquent.

Wait. So does the book just list out a bunch of illegal stuff you probably want to do? Why give people new ideas?! LOL

4. This book that teaches you the sickest dance moves.

Check it! He’s dancing on water! LOL

5. This book for anybody that plans on doing money ritual any time soon.

I feel like Kanayo O. Kanayo somehow had a hand in this book’s creation.

6. This book about this kick ass conspiracy theory.

Take all my money and give me this book!

7. This book that changed the fairy tale game.

Your fairy tale fave can’t even compare.

8. This book that could be adapted as a season of Super Story.

The story will be set in Unilag. It will be a hit. Don’t @ me.

9. This book that sounds like the most terrifying cook book ever made.

I am shook.

10. This book that will kill a LOT of people with hypertension.

This is the perfect gift for that elderly relative you hate.

11. This book for when you want to SLAY everybody with your cooking.


12. This book on how to make dates less awkward.

Go together!

13. This book that has me worried about mankind

I’m really really worried about humanity.

14. This book that’ll help you make sure you don’t end up going from church to church looking for deliverance.

God helps those who help themselves.

15. This book with the WILDLY misleading title.

The clickbait to end all clickbaits.

16. This book that every student struggling with their studies should know about

I wish I had known about this back in school when I was failing Maths left and right.

17. This book that was originally for children but unintentionally asked a very adult question.

“I will do no such thing!”

18. This book that assures everyone that the afterlife will be lit.

FAM! It’s going to be so lit!

19. This book that teaches a very important craft.

An important and creepy craft.

20. Last but not the least, this book that plastic surgeons all over the word don’t want you to read.

Maybe this is what the Kardashians use.

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