Every now and then ‘Men are scum’ Twitter reminds us of the scummy ways of Nigerian men.

But when Twitter user, @MsNemah, asked Nigerian men to share their experience with infidelity, the responses were shocking.

1. This unfortunate story.

?? pic.twitter.com/Ch4l8L3FR2

— Nimah A (@MsNemah) June 6, 2017

2. This one about the traveling nudes.

3. The very subtle confession.

4. This one caught his babe leading a double life.

She had two Instagram accounts. I stumbled on the second one by accident. It was quite revealing

— Toyan Adeniji-Adele (@adetoyan) June 6, 2017

5. This one about the community service boyfriend.

Friend sent his babe cake & wine on Val’s day. Went to her place at night and met her eating the cake & drinking the wine with another dude

— Sesan Osijo (@Sesanosijo) June 6, 2017

6. Eh ya! This guy found out he was a side piece by accident.

7. At least, he got to eat owambe Jollof.

8. Women are scum sha!

9. Na wa o! Did the phone not come with a delete button?

10. Oshey private investigator!

11. These women are something else sha!

My friend called her. She couldn’t tell it was he, cos she had lost her phone, didn’t have his number & he sounded like her other boyfriend.

— Alhaji O’Larrydeen (@Clan_Clueless) June 6, 2017

12. Wonders shall never end!

Her sister had to sum up courage to tell me, she was like “Bros they’re lovers” … After my girl told me they cousins, met in NYSC camp

— #ChangeBeginsWthU&me (@Abdul_A_Bello) June 6, 2017

13. No fear of God!

14. Men are scum o!

15. Hay God!

I was at her place, a fight broke out btw her n her friends. ..and thats how i found out that she dint go for seminar on vals day.

— Omololu_Zhurg (@zhurg_) June 6, 2017

16. This guy is an amebo too sha.

17. What manner of wickedness?

18. This guy carried last though.

19. This one was sharing girlfriend with his oga at the top.

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