1. You, in front of your TV every Sunday by 7pm like:

No time.

2. When you heard The Voice ‘NIGERIA’ is being held in South Africa.


3. When a contestant tries to add a ‘Nigerian twist’ to a song and goes off key.

Who sent you message?

4. Babes, whenever Chike starts performing:

Bodies are always ready.

5. Everyone, impatiently waiting for Cornel to come and perform:

Where is our Oga?

6. Your face, whenever Timi Dakolo stands up to talk.

Baba you’re not class captain.

7. Waje’s default face whenever a contestant is performing:

Can never tell if she is enjoying it or not.

8. When Tuface hasn’t said “I’m short of words” in 5 minutes.


9. Your face, whenever Timi Dakolo saves Vicky:

Is this guy serious?

10. When the backup singers are singing better than the contestant they are ‘backing up’.

Na wa.

11. When the backup singers that just sounded great suddenly start singing like they are owing them salary.

Are you beefing this contestant? Sing out na.

12. You, wondering where the contestants stylist learnt work.

Why is Armstrong wearing a fur coat, biko?

13. When the contestant sings nonsense and the judges still praise them.

Did we hear the same thing?

14. The Voice Nigeria contestants and singing R Kelly:

Every episode sha.

15. You, when a contestant picks a Sia or Adele song:

You no fear?

16. When a contestant you never noticed just comes and slays their performance.

Where did this one come from?

17. How you react when the viewers save the wrong person:

Hay God!


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