1. How you feel when your phone finally reaches 100%.

We did it!

2. When your battery is at 1% when the gist is getting sweet.


3. When someone tries to educate you about not using your phone while it’s charging.


4. When you’ve been charging your phone for over an hour and it has only moved by 20%.

Charge slower. Ugh!

5. When they take light when your phone is only at 50%.

I don’t deserve this.

6. When there has been light for 3 hours so you were not charging your phone, then you plug it in and they take light.

Must you show yourselves?

7. When your phone is at 1% and you run to the charger and plug it in and it jumps to 17%.

What is doing this one?

8. When you give someone your phone for a minute and when they give it back your battery is half gone.

Did you drink it?

9. When you plug the phone to your laptop to charge and it shows “USB Device Not Recognized”.

I’m not even asking you to recognize it, just charge the damn phone!

10. Your new best friend:

The phone cannot die oh!

11. When your phone is almost going off and your friend says, “I have a charger”.


12. When you check your bag and realize you left your charger at home.


13. When you have like 15 apps running at the same time and your battery is just looking at you like:


14. When someone sends you a video link to watch on low battery and no light. Battery:

Stop it!

15. Your battery when you go on social media for 15 minutes.

Is this life?

16. And to all those that insist that listening to music doesn’t stress your battery.

What do you know?!

17. When someone tells you to increase the brightness of your phone.

Is it ya battery?


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