Ever interacted with people from other countries and they were spewing hot rubbish about what they think Nigeria or Africa is like? Or asking you a bunch of really “off” questions? These situations will definitely not be strange to you.

1. Africa is a country.

Did you by chance listen in geography class or see a world map? And later you will say you went to school.

2. “Do you speak African?”

Excuse me, do you speak American or European?

3. “So do you know any Siphiwe from South Africa I hear you are all related”

You don’t mean it right? Are you playing?

4. Nigeria is a small village.

Not today.

5. When you get asked how you know how to speak English.

You see, the British colonized us and I have been speaking it from birth and was trained with it.

6. “I can speak like a Nigerian, I have watched Concussion”.

Don’t even think about it Sir. Just hold it right there.

7. All Nigerians are from royal families.

No sir/ma, it does not work like that.

8. ‘I heard all African leaders are dictators, that must suck”.

*cries in Donald Trump*

9. So if I take $100 to Africa I’ll be a millionaire right?

I don’t blame you.

10. All Nigerians are internet scammers.

Are all Americans drug dealers?

11. There is always war in Nigeria/Africa.

Is that how you people see us? What a blanket statement.

12. I wonder how you survive with lions and wild animals on the streets.


13. “Do you guys have five star restaurants or just hut kitchens?”

This is getting out of hand. *cries in ignorance*

14. So how do you guys get to watch TV?

Please go away.

15. When people think Nigerians are not very educated.

You see, Nigerians are the most educated black people in America…

16. “So does everyone have like three to four wives?”

Are you being serious right now?

17. “Do you guys have fancy houses or still have just mud huts and them native settlements?”

I shall not partake in this. I’m not even here.


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