1. When you step foot in the market and everyone is calling you

I’m on top of the world

2. And you suddenly become “Fine Boy”

Let me revel in the moment

3. Or you hear someone call you “orobo” and you’ve been in the gym all year long

*cries in excess calories*

4. “Chairman come try these pant na your style” and it turns out to be boot cut

In this Millennium age, please I’m not here for Throwback Thursday costume.

5. Getting approached by a seller and he’s trying to act like he knows you “na my customer”

Are you confused?

6. But you know he was probably trying to pick your pocket. But they don’t know your money is in your boxers

Y’all thought I was going to be a victim huh?

7. When you spot a nice item from afar

No wonder they say white pap comes out from a black pot

8. But you realize it is the worst version of fake you have ever seen

Lord these people don’t even try

9. When you see another good item and ask if its durable

Ahan, shoe that I want to wear!

10. And he doubles the price

You don’t fear God this man!

11. Then some random person is trying to boost the sellers stance

Why do you want to be an unfortunate fellow?

12. But your middle name is “bargain”

When you finish talking you will accept my money.

13. And you have to act like you are walking away

Hoping to God that he will run after you

14. Then you hear those words “Oya come take am”

Winning like a boss!

15. And you can’t believe you dropped the price from N10,000 to N4,500

You are really dancing inside but you are saying “It should be cheaper”

16. And you know the next IG post with the outfit is going to get so many likes

Its about to be LITT!


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