1. You have sent your CV out to about 200 employers and now, you’re just praying for a reply.

Please, take your time.

2. Then you get that interview call and you’re so nervous, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


3. So you get to your interview hours ahead of time, and you have to wait….

And wait!

4. When your friend applies for the same position as you and you meet him at the interview.

Who sent you? Oversabi.

5. When you get called before the know-it-all candidate.

Oya fly now.

6. When you are so nervous at your interview, you say something you immediately regret.

*inserts foot in mouth*

7. When they say ‘tell me about yourself’.

What can I say, I’m unemployed.

8. When they start asking questions you didn’t expect: “What is the first law of thermodynamics?”.

Wait, what?! I was not ready.

9. Then the interviewer asks you what made you apply for the job.

Food, money, shelter, clothing…

10. When the recruiter bases the entire interview on your lack of experience.

Why did you now call me here?

11. At the interview, when they ask for your salary expectations.

You don’t really want me to answer that.

12. When the interviewer asks ‘what are your flaws?’.

I’m basically perfect.

13. When they keep asking for information that’s already on your resume.

*screams on the inside*

14. When you come out from the interview and all the other candidates want to know what you were asked.

Look at me. We are not friends.

15. When you find out that someone else got the position.

God why?!?!

16. But you don’t give up and you just look forward to the next interview call.

My own will come.


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