Living within a Nigerian home, it is super difficult not to inherit or learn some traits from your parents. When you start doing the following things you will totally realize you are like your mother.

1. When you start spending 10 hours in the market pricing fish

Trying to get the cheapest price and keeping everyone waiting and hungry at home.

2. When you start falling asleep on the couch but never want to admit it

“No, I’m not sleeping I’m still watching this channel”.

3. When your side eye game is on a 100

Side eyes that can melt a human being, make people shake and start confessing.

4. When you start using Nigerian proverbs

“The child that says his mother will not sleep will not even be able to doze”.

5. When you start over packing for any small trip

Ordinary 3 days you have four whole boxes, two portmanteaus and two handbags.

6. ​When you start saying things like “pass me my kini jor!”

“Chisom, pass me this kini that beside by right hand” , “see that kini over there bring it”.

7. All of a sudden you start saying “this girl/boy has no home training”

“Why is that girl behaving like she does not have parents?”. Oshey most home trained.

8. When you never miss any church service and then stay for three extra hours

First, second, third, services, midweek you are there. Taking “I will dwell in the house of the Lord” too serious.

9. When you start side-eyeing girls whose outfits are showing small breast

See how that sister’s skirt has slit longer than 3rd Mainland.

10. When you fight with bae and he says sorry and you open your mouth to say “sorry for yourself”

Because you have heard your mum say it a thousand times to you.

11. Your market pricing skills are so good no market woman likes you again

It is N4500 ma last price, “I saw it for N700 down the road oh but you gree N1000?”.

12. Travelling abroad and the first thing in your head is elubo, garri, maggi

You can’t even form tush small again.

13. Before you only used to shout small, now every small thing you start screaming


14. When you start using “children of these days”

Start talking like a grandma.

15. When you start expecting people to understand eye signals

“Can’t you see I am telling you to pick up the plate with my eyes?”.

16. When you have your own children and you start saying “I didn’t kill my mother so you cannot come and kill me”

Na So!


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