1. You will have a more experienced friend there presiding over the whole thing.

“Don’t be afraid. I am here.”

2. You will cough…..A LOT.

It’ll feel like you’re about to cough up a lung.

3. You will expect it to take effect immediately but it won’t and you will be pissed.

They’ve scammed me sha.

4. You’ll remember how your friends hyped their first time so you’ll keep smoking.

I MUST be high.

5. Bits of weed will get stuck to your tongue.

How is this happening??

6. You will almost smoke the wrong end of the blunt by mistake and your experienced friend will be like

“This nigga almost burned his lips! Lmao!”

7. You’ll hold the smoke in your lungs way longer than you should.

You don’t even know why. No one knows why.

8. You will try to do those cool tricks people do when blowing out smoke.

And you will fail.

9. All of a sudden, everything will be become super funny.

This is when you realize it has started taking effect.

10. If you’re normally a paranoid person, your paranoia will kick into overdrive.


11. Then everything will go into slow motion.


12. You will get SUPER hungry and proceed to eat everything in sight. This is called “Having the Munchies.”


13. Then you will pass out.

It will feel like the world’s most peaceful coma.

14. Then you’ll wake up in a couple of hours and you’ll be sober but also hungry AF!

It will feel like termites are eating your stomach from the inside.

15. This will be you if you don’t have food around when this happens.

GOD WHY?!!!!

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