1. When the teacher asks if everyone understands and the class says “YES!”.

You people understood that?

2. You, in most classes:

Why am I even here?

3. When the teacher doesn’t give an area of concentration before exam.

What sort of devil?

4. You, trying to study:

I don’t understand what I’m looking at.

5. When you hear that the class efiko is organizing tutorials.

Can’t dull it.

6. When you get your exam questions and start wondering when they taught you all this.

Hian. I didn’t miss class na? What is all this?

7. When all your classmates are collecting extra sheet and you haven’t even finished the one they gave you.

What is this struggle?

8. When you look around during an exam and see everyone using a compass and you don’t know what it’s for.

You people sef.

9. You, whenever you hear “10 minutes left” during a test:

Didn’t we just start?

10. When your classmates are comparing answers after a test and they all got ’24’, while you got ‘Sodium’.

Hay God!

11. When your classmates are calculating what they need to get an A and you’re calculating what you need to not carryover.

We have different issues, abeg.

12. You, when you hear that results are out:

The stress.

13. When you hear the class efiko complaining about getting a B.

See this mad person.

14. When you get a C in a course you thought you’d fail.

God is good.

15. Your motto:

It’s true sha.


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