1. When you realize you don’t really work from 9 to 5.

More like 8 to 6, and let’s not even discuss the traffic.

2. How you wake up every weekday:

Do I really need this job?

3. When work is stress but you remember how much you need the money.

Bills. Bills. Bills.

4. When you first started your job vs. You at your job now:

Look at me now.

5. When you realize how underpaid you actually are.

See me and all my years in the University.

6. How time moves when you’re working:

Of course.

7. How time moves when you’re on your lunch break:

Lunch break: The shortest hour of your life.

8. When this is all you think about on public holidays:

Another holiday, please.

9. How you come into work on Mondays:

Goodbye, weekend.

10. Your mood all through the week:

Can I leave?

11. How you leave work on Fridays:

Hello, weekend.

12. How you look at your co-worker that seems to genuinely care about the job:

How is it doing you?

13. When your boss tells you that you can close.


14. How traffic stops you on your way back home:

What is all this?

15. Your social life is constantly looking at you like:

“You used to be so much fun.”


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