1. Forgetting what raka’ah you’re on during salat.

Second or third one..Chaiii!

2. When people ask you why you make your hair if you’re going to cover it.

All hair should be groomed abeg!

3. Being on the look out for pork in food ingredients like..

Is it Halal?

4. Losing your slippers at the Mosque.

What’s all this now?

5. Having to hunt for your slippers after Jummah.

Let the hunt begin!

6. Trying to figure out the Qibla when you are at new place.

Ham so confuse.

7. When people say “Muslims are terrorists”.


8. When Yaba market traders call you saying “Heys! Boko Haram”.

It’s like you’re not balanced upstairs.

9. When people insist you’re Hausa because you’re Muslim.

Sorry oh, tribal prefect.

10. Having to reject food during Ramadan.

I’m not crying, sand entered my eye.

11. How people look at you when you’re making ablution in a public restroom.

Ehn Ehn? What’s this one doing?

12. Fitting your schedule into Salat times.

Is it 2 pm yet?

13. When you fart during the last rakah.

*sheds uncontrollable tears*

14. When your Adhan notification goes off at a public place.



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