1. When mock exams are over

And you thought you did well.

2. Then mock results came out

My God. 20/100.

3. So you realize you cannot do this on your own

Na only me waka come?

4. You, looking for who has sure dubs

I cannot stay at home for one year abeg.

5. When your parents start telling you about having straight A’s

These ones want to kill me.

6. When you hear rumors about dubs being available

Where??? It’s lit!

7. You, with the person that is going to provide the whole class dubs for WAEC and NECO

Our lives are in his hands.

8. You and your squad when the teacher is doing final revision

Who revision don help.

9. And you know there are sure dubs waiting in the hostel that night


10. 10PM and you hear the dubs are in the hostel ready to be shared

I cannot come and carry last.

11. Writing every single letter and question mark as someone is reading it out

About to win the award for most A’s.

12. So you stay up studying it

Because, last hope.

13. You, in the exam hall waiting for the paper to start

Let me kill this thing and move to objective.

14. When you hear someone shout “Jesus Christ”

It’s all over.

15. And you don’t see any of the questions in the supposed “sure dubs”

So this is how I become a dropout.

16. When WAEC results finally come out

You don’t even know how to tell yourself, talk less of your parents.


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