1. When they started carrying “weapons of mass destruction”.

Are those for beating human beings?

2. When they fought dirty and still put it on camera.

Because life is too short for good behaviour and decorum.

3. When they mercilessly hijacked this vehicle and didn’t even look at the driver’s face.

Leave begging and prayers for church abeg.

4. When these guys sha wanted to pull an action film stunt.

As per Fast and Furious.

5. When they hijacked a keke Marwa.

LASTMA officials can kuku drive all kinds of vehicle in this life.

6. When this guy was beating up a bus driver.


7. When this officer didn’t let the window get in the way.

Baba, don’t break the glass na.

8. When they were exceptionally kind to a Hummer driver.

Danfo lives matter sha.

9. When this officer was ready to fight, Oshodi style.

Who maturity don epp?

10. When they lost their manners in the middle of the road.

If you people can help them find it.

11. When this LASTMA officer slept on this car.

12. When this guy thought he was Iron man.

13. When this officer held on tight to the bus conductor.



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