Going into traffic could be a really risky idea, especially when you have a stomach that is a bottomless pit. Getting hungry in traffic is something many of us have experience and will understand these situation.

1. When you are about to head out and notice a slight hold up.

Good Lord, not today again.

2. So you start to look for the faster lanes.

Can this thing please move quickly?

3. But every other driver is trying to get ahead of you.

Why can’t these people just be kind for once.

4. And the traffic has plans for you.

It seems we are going to sleep here.

5. And your stomach also has other plans for you.

Why do I have to be hungry at this time and place.

6. So you start searching for food vendors.

In this whole Lagos not one seller, where are all these people?

7. And you find one in your line of sight coming towards you.

What a time to be alive! Finally!

8. But they all stop 10 cars short of your own.

*groans in dashed hopes, dreams and aspirations*.

9. So you have to obey your stomach and do what needs to be done.

HAYYYYYSS GALA, LACASERA!! Because it is better to be ashamed than die of hunger.

10. But first you have to make sure it is good food.

Is it fresh? Is it “today’s own?’ Is it not 200 Naira for seven again?

11. When you make your purchase with N1000 but you don’t want to be swindled.

I have budgeted this money for three days traffic food.

12. And the vendor is wasting time as traffic eases up.

It’s not my time you are wasting. When you are ready bring the change.

13. And finally you can settle down and feast.

I am not dying of hunger today. Praise God.


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