PS: These hacks will not prevent you from getting hungry! Oya let’s begin.

1. Do NOT miss Sahur.

Because if you do, you’re playing yourself and punishing your body.

2. Prepare your Sahur the night before.

So you won’t go through the stress of cooking early in the morning.

3. Going to bed early is the key to success.

Simply so you can be up early for Sahur and prayers.

4. Instead of sleeping all day, try to read and keep yourself active.

It’s not easy really, but sleeping through the day will only cause more weakness.

5. Hydrate like there’s no tomorrow.

Drink lots of water especially after Iftar. This will help prevent dehydration and make you feel less thirsty.

6. Avoid sugary foods and drinks.

Potassium-rich foods (banana, fish, potatoes, etc) are preferable because they retain water and will keep you full for a while.

7. Not every time Eba, sometimes Kunu and Akara.

If you think Eba will sit in your tummy from Sahur till Iftar, you’re on a long thing. Eba isn’t made for Sahur abeg, unless you don’t mind being constipated all day.

8. Try not to overeat at Iftar so you can pray Taraweeh easily.

More like, so you can Ruku properly during Taraweeh.

9. Not every time clap back, sometimes unlook.

Imagine getting riled up while your stomach is grumbling. Stress abi? The block button on your social media pages isn’t for jokes sha. Just, saying.

10. It’s never too late to set goals.

Write a daily list of things you want to achieve during the month and work towards them. You’ll be too busy working on them to count down to Iftar.

11. Coconut oil is here for you.

Coconut oil is life! After brushing and you still feel your fasting breathe hanging in the air, rinse your mouth with a little coconut oil. PS: Rinse, not drink oh!

12. Start off your Iftar with dates and something warm.

A warm cup of tea is just perfect to prepare your stomach for what’s coming next.

13. Learn how to cook a new dish.

Instead of moping at the clock, learning to cook something different at Iftar makes time fly faster than you can imagine.


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