1. When it officially becomes this bad:

The worst.

2. When you haven’t seen light for weeks and they still have the liver to bring bill to your house.

Better leave this place.

3. When they now come and say they want to cut the light.

You want to die.

4. When you finally open your freezer and the smell hits you.


5. When your neighbour puts on their generator and you carry all your gadgets to their door like:


6. When they bring light and it is low current.

What’s now the point?

7. How your eyes react when they finally bring light after weeks.

It’s a miracle.

8. When they bring the light and you run to your iron like:

Thank you, God.

9. When you wake up in the middle of the night drowning in your sweat.

Is this how I will die?

10. When you start staying late at work because you know you’re going home to meet darkness.

The lesser of two evils.

11. When they finally bring light, but the weather is not having it.

12. When you see light as you’re heading home and they take it right before you reach your house.

My enemies want to see me cry.

13. When the first thing you do when you enter a building is to search for where to charge your phone.

How far socket, biko?


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