1. Fried Beef On Pilau

Jollof rice is to Nigerians as Pilau is to Kenyans. Pilau is made of aromatic rice cooked in tomato seasoned with Kenyan Pilau spice.

2. Wet Fried Goat On Plantain And Pilau

Plantain for the win!!

3. Nyama Choma On Pilau

Nyama Choma is Swahili for spicy roast meat.

4. Madondo Chapo

This meal consists of flat bread known as Chapati which is customarily eaten with stewed beans (Madondo).

5. Fried Lambs And Plantain On Chapati

Fried plantain on flat bread, looks amazing!

6. Fried Matumbo With Chapati, Creamed Spinach And Ugali

This dish is made of spicy fried tripe (Matumbo) served with Chapati, cornmeal mush (ugali) and spinach cooked in butter and milk.

7. Stewed Chicken With A Side Of Ugali

Food goals!

8. Kuku Choma

Kuku Choma is the twin of Nyama Choma, the only difference being the type of meat being grilled. Kuku Choma is spicy chicken grilled, Kenyan style.

9. Fried Lamb With Mukimo And Sautéed Cabbage

In case you’re wondering what Mukimo is, it’s a bean pudding dish made with potatoes, vegetables, corn and of course, beans.

10. Kuku Choma, Chips, Kachumbari And Tomato Chutney

If you like your grilled chicken with a little something on the side, this dish is for you. Kachumbari is Kenyan onion and tomato salad seasoned with salt and pepper.

11. Bhajia And Kachumbari

Bhajia is Kenya’s deep fried spiced potatoes usually served with tomato chutney dip.

12. Kienyeji Chicken And French Fries Stir-Fry With Onions

Kienyeji Chicken are locally bred Kenyan chickens that have not been fed with commercially produced chicken feed. Kienyeji Chicken stew is prepared specially because of the tough nature of the meat.

13. Chicken Masala

Chicken Masala consists of boneless pieces of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt and cooked in sauce.


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