1. You’ll open the question paper and realize that you don’t know anything.

Hay God!

2. You start looking around for an efiko you can copy from.

Open book for me na.

3. This is you when the efiko finally lets you dub.


4. This is you when the invigilator catches you and threatens to collect your paper.


5. This is you when the invigilator moves your seat to the front of the class to write the exam alone.

God in heaven, why have you forsaken me?!

6. You’ll start doing nonsense calculation, somehow hoping that you’ll come to an answer that makes sense.

God helps those who help themselves.

7. When the Maths teacher comes into the class to jokingly ask if the questions are too difficult and everybody says no.

Speak for yourselves oh!

8. When you hear the invigilator say “5 minutes more”, you’ll start writing nonsense to fill space on your answer sheet.

Maybe the teacher will pity me if he thinks I actually put effort.

9. This is you when the teacher walks by you to check your work.

Squeeze your face and act like you’re thinking hard.

10. You’ll look back at the class to see if someone can throw last minute dubs to you.

Brethren. Help me.

11. When the invigilator says “Submit!” and you know you’ve failed but you try to hide the tears in your eyes.

Keep your head high.

12. When you get home and your parents ask you how the exam went, you’ll lie and say it was good.

They’ll still find out when the result comes out sha oh.

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