In an unbelievable plot twist, controversial presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is now the president of the United States of America.  Part of his campaign promises was that he would put stiff anti- immigration laws in place. Brethren, it’s time to go home.

1. First of all you need to start writing letters to your descendants and forefathers back home.

2. Secondly, start practicing traditional songs.

3. Pack all your things. Don’t leave a single thing out.

4. Renew your visa and book your one way ticket. ONE WAY!

5. Don’t worry too much about where to stay because there is plenty space. Africa is a country after all.

6. Hug your friends and say your good byes.

7. But if you are the stubborn type like this aunty:

8. And you really want to stay back in America with Trump *cringe*.

9. Then you better start bleaching your skin white so you can blend in.

10. And delete all those social media posts where you’ve been running mouth and abusing President Trump.

11. Mind you, you may still be deported after all this.

12. But don’t say we didn’t try to help your case.



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