1. This shuku made of iron sponge

Money cannot waste! Once she takes out her “hair” she has at least 3 sponges to use all around the house.

2. Charly Boy with this basket of weeds on his head

Almost like he tried to do pick and drop then forgot about it!

3. This Korede Bello’s weak looking “all back and base”


4. There is an actual zip in this hair. A zip

What was she closing? Why?

5. This young lady that used attachment to build firewood on her head

“I just want to take firewood with me everywhere I go”.

6. These young ladies went to Apapa Amusement Park and copied some of the rides for their hairdressers to create

The colours, the designs. EVERYTHING is a bad idea.

7. Welcome to Attachment Airways

Hop into her weave for a ride!

8. This shuku inspired by the tower of Babel

Reaching for the stars!

9. Here we have a babalawo’s mirror on top of “packing with gel”

It’s a no from us.

10. When ponytails are too mainstream and you go for horns instead

“I’m really going for the billy-goat look”.

11. This visual representation of the story in Genesis 1

“And then the snake said to Eve…”

12. This hair cap

He just wanted to be fashion forward. He failed.


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