1. When she made suya prawns and jollof abacha.

2. When she made these canapés that included ugu chips.

3. This heavenly pot of coconut jollof rice that must be the food of the gods.

4. Her beans and dodo, presented with a hint of international exposure.

5. That time she put her inventive hat on and created an agbalumo drink!

6. When she baked these mouth-watering chocolate and banana cakes.

7. Her baked suya catfish creation that looks like blessings and glory!

8. Her owambe-perfect golden puff puff.

9. That time she make an akara sandwich.

10. When she made these awesomely presented, fabulous looking small chops!

Ozoz is an amazing chef who runs the fabulous blog Kitchen Butterfly and also hosts private dining experiences. She loves experimenting with foods and spices on her never ending quest of defining the new Nigerian kitchen.


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