When I was younger, I used to go the movies with friends at 10pm, go for house parties, and even have sleepovers that involved pillow fights.

But they were in my imaginations and don’t let me lie, it was wonderful.

These things only took place in my imaginations because I grew up in a Nigerian home.

And my parents had other plans for me.

Even though in reality, I wasn’t able to participate in any of the things I mentioned above, I must say my parents still allowed me have fun in some really cool places.

At least according to their standards.

If you’re feeling anything I’ve been saying, then this is for you. Let’s analyse the theory behind some places our parents allowed us hangout freely.

Don’t worry, we’d pass through this together.

One of our parent’s favourite places to take us to was the church or mosque. Because what could be more fun that being in the temple of God 24/7?

Nothing mum, absolutely nothing beats that. You’re the best!

After church, if you decide to have a little more fun, Bible study is the place for you. You’d wonder how something that has the word ‘study’ in it can be fun, right?

See, once you start biting your fingers and cutting paper, imagining roller coasters and winking at strangers, It turns to Disneyland at Bible study.

It get’s a bit bearable when you’re on holidays, because you have the option of going to your cousins house. Not just any cousin though.

You know that cousin that clearly has two heads? Aways carrying book, watches the news, and even loves doing house chores. Yes that cousin. That’s where you can go.

If you refuse to go to your cousins house, there’s always the option of hanging out with your mum, which is a lot of fun, especially when it’s at the market.

“We won’t even be long, I just want to buy garri” *3 hours later* you’re carrying rice, beans, pepper, meat, fish, chicken, salt, yam, etc. Then.. “ha I forgot to buy garri o”

Or you can at least follow your mum or dad to the office. Learn a few things about their work.

Or just read newspaper.

You actually miss being in school during the holidays. No, like you start to miss your friends and even your worst teacher. And trust me, according to our parents, this is still the best place to hangout.

Especially in class, oh how sweet it is to hear the sound of your teacher’s voice.

After class, do not, I repeat, do not go and play. Go to the library, hang out in the library, learn new things.

Like how to whisper, how to spin books on one finger, how to throw paper on your friends head, it’s a whole world of endless fun.

You know those youth camps your church or mosque organises. Now this is one place you actually genuinely have fun..sometimes.

And your parent’s are actually confident in letting you learn about your religion for a few days.

Let’s talk about your house, the best place to hang out. For example; “Mummy, I want to go and play in my friend’s house tomorrow.”

So you can’t play with your brother and sister abi? You better sit down in this house!

Years later, “Mummy I’m going out”. Okay I hope you’re going to hang out in your husband’s house oh.

Please as you’re going don’t come back to this house oh. “Ha mummyy”

After a few more years, you have your own child. “Mummy I want to go for my friends house party please”. Ehn? You better dress up and let’s go for Bible study.

Wawu what is life?


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